Frigeri Accessibility Statement

This site has been created using HTML 5.0, bearing in mind the elementary rules of accessibility so as to allow as many visitors as possible to explore its content.

Frigeri will carefully monitor any usage problems and seek to resolve them so as to make the site fully usable by all visitors without distinctions or limitations.

Below are the main accessibility features of

Characters and colours
For all content, Arial, a well-designed, clear and legible font has been used.
For key text very high contrast is used:
- navigation menu: white text on a dark blue (#110B79) ground,
- other text: dark grey (#4d4d4d) on a white ground.
Both text and graphics can be viewed without using colour, so those unable to perceive colours or those with black and white monitors can access all information.
No compressed or stylised characters are used.
All coloured selection buttons have explanatory text.

Page structure
Most pages have a fluid structure based on style sheets, and do not use tables.
The upper part of the pages, the first to be read by browsers, contains the navigation menu with links to the main content of the site so that those with visual difficulties can immediately access the parts that interest them.
The content of the pages may be accessed without style sheets, Javascript and new technologies (should these be disabled or not supported).
Text tables have been linearised so that they are understandable if read horizontally a cell at a time.

All links are visible to the majority of browsers. Many links have Html markers anticipating the content of the destination.

Texts and languages
The text in the site was created by Frigeri Srl and revised by a professional mother tongue translator and by Frigeri before publication to improve readability and reduce the incidence of errors.
Every page has an Html LANG marker identifying the main language used. On pages with content in other languages, the relevant text is marked with tags.

Contact forms
The contact forms on the site have only one question per line so they can be used by sightless persons.

A number of navigation mechanisms have been integrated:
-          main menu (at the top),
-          breadcrumb (below the main menu: user path,
-          sidebar menu (on the right: section summary)
-          sitemap (general overview of the site)
These systems give several views of the subjects dealt with in the site and make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

Graphics, photos and videos
Graphic elements on the pages are marked by a TAG ALT giving an alternative description. Main documents in proprietary formats (e.g. PDF) have alternative descriptions.
Videos are marked with a TAG LONGDESC with a summary of the spoken part and main textual information.

As we continue to improve our Web site, we will reflect any changes here in our accessibility statement, so you will know the progress we are making.

We value your opinions. If you have any comments or questions, you can mail them to us at .