Technology & Innovation

In 2002 we started an R&D program focused on advanced ERP tecniques, on 3D die design and unconventional PLM methodologies and on a full range of simulated and predictive technologies applied to the design and manufacturing of metal stamping dies.
In despite of its deep innovativeness, we called it simply our new dietropic philosophy.

In 2008, the evolutionary R&D project SPEED (Self-driven Expert Environment for Dies), focused on building an intellixpert hw-sw environment with which performing without human intervention all the complex design and manufacturing processes and operations in an expert and cost-effective way, was successfully launched, moving almost immediately our ambitions ahead, no more in an evolutionary, but in a disruptive perspective.

We want our progress to be measured not in steps, but in leaps.
Today, we are more determined than ever to tame the unconceivable. We are working everyday to make the unconceivable conceivable, the conceivable a concept, the concept a fact, the fact a tool.

Take now the opportunity of a joint competitiveness together with us.
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