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Doing Business With Us

Strengthen your business by doing business with Frigeri.

Thank you for your interest in Frigeri!

Why Invest in FRIGERI?

You can learn more about FRIGERI by exploring our entire Web site.

This highlights some of the key aspects that we believe make FRIGERI an attractive investment opportunity for you, including:

  • our 45+ years of market presence
  • our unique vertical know-how and empowering entrepreneurial culture
  • our tool&die design&manufacturing capabilities “from concept to production”
  • our mastership of state-of-the-art advanced predictive technologies
  • our profit-oriented R&D major project SPEED
  • our development of proprietary intelligent and self-moving technologies, which encompass not only our products, but many of our key processes
  • our approach to investment in products and technologies, with a strong emphasis on ROI
  • our global commitment within the toolmaking industry.

If you:

  • are interested in investing in our company, or
  • would like to present a business proposal to us, or
  • have any questions about investing in our company

please contact us:
by email:
by phone (from Italy): 0522.831364
by phone (from outside Italy): 0039.0522.831364