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Doing Business With Us

Strengthen your business by doing business with Frigeri.

Thank you for your interest in Frigeri!

Doing business with Frigeri means having a partner with the expertise, technological assets, vertical experience, know-how, mastership of predictive technologies and decades of market presence needed to succeed in today’s technology-driven toolmaking and metal stamping world.

Building strong relationships is essential to your as well as our success.

As a globally thinking company, we strive to make it easy for all interesting and interested companies to do business with us.

We are particularly interested in finding global valued partners operating in the following industries:

  • special machines and automated/integrated lines for sheet metal working and assembling
  • presses and press lines for sheet metal working
  • metal stamping
  • engineering and general contracting
  • import/export trading to the following geographical areas: Asia, India, Latin America, Middle East, North Africa, Australia.

We are also open to evaluate partnerships with toolmakers of the following countries:

  • China
  • South Korea
  • India
  • Turkey

If you are a company interested in becoming Frigeri Partner, you should do the following:

- research Frigeri products and services to make sure that your company possesses core capabilities that complement Frigeri offerings;

- if your company appears to be well suited as a partner, contact Frigeri at and send a company profile and a short presentation explaining how your business goals relate to Frigeri.

It will be our pleasure to contact you for planning a further relationships development stage.