Frigeri Fact Sheet

Company: Frigeri S.r.l.
Headquarters: Guastalla (RE), Italy
Capital Structure: Privately held by founders and shareholders.
Vision: To be – in the eyes of our Clients, shareholders, communities and people – one of the best small-sized toolmaking companies in the world.
Values: Honesty & Integrity. Client Focus and Knowledge Drive. Passion for Technology. Reliability, Credibility, Law-abidance. Dedication and Responsiveness. Valuing the Individual and Individual Differences.
Overview: Frigeri is a high-tech company specialising in designing and manufacturing metal stamping dies and special and ancillary die products.
Frigeri uses advanced simulated and AI technologies for tool & die development, design, virtual testing and manufacturing to produce high performance, compliant stamping dies with reduced lead-time and costs. Frigeri is a world class specialist in designing and manufacturing stamping dies for producing in high volumes demanding parts destined for the household appliances market.
Core Competence:
  • Design and Manufacturing of Metal Stamping Dies
  • Design and Manufacturing of Special and Ancillary Die Products
  • Design & Manufacturing of New Dies and Production Support
  • Die Maintenance, Retrofitting and Revamping (Upgrade)
  • Special and Ancillary Die Products
  • Engineering Services (Die Design and Stamping Simulation)
  • Expertise & Consulting
Products&Services (third-party extensions):
  • Pressworking for Production
  • Presses and Press Lines
  • Transfer Lines
  • Industrial Design
Major markets:
  • Household Appliances
  • Heating and Conditioning
  • Automotive
  • Lighting
Major Clients: Our Clients include some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Contact us at to receive more information about our Client Reference List.
Major Benefits (Plus):
  • 45+ years of world-class competence and technology
  • First-in-class vertical know-how in producing metal stamping dies for household appliances
  • A competitive Technology to Price to Value ratio
  • On-time delivery: a company religion
  • Creative structuring and close control of key-processes
  • Exceptional Italian creativity and problem solving ability
Key figures:
  • 45+ years in business
  • 14+ countries served around the world
  • 2.5% to 5.0% of turnover invested annually in R&D
  • 1.000+ man-hours spent annually in product & process simulation (virtual tryout)
  • 2:1 PC-to- employee ratio
  • 65.000 man-hours of production capacity per year (2011)
  • 24% of employees with a university degree (2011)
Contact: Frigeri S.r.l.
via Togliatti, 7
42016 Guastalla (RE)
tel. +39 (0)522 831364
fax +39 (0)522 832554