Mission, Vision and Values


Frigeri S.r.l. is a mechanical enterprise founded on learning whose social purpose is the design, development and manufacture of safe, effective, reliable and innovative tools and equipment to ensure:
• increased quality and competitiveness for the Client’s final product,
• a contribution to the employment level and economic development of the Community.



To be – in the eyes of Clients, shareholders, communities and people – one of the best small-sized toolmaking companies in the world



Our company values are reflected in the way we run our business, in all our people and in everything we do.
We implement our values every day and measure our success by the success they bring to our Clients, shareholders, communities and people.


Honesty & IntegrityHonesty & Integrity

At the heart of FRIGERI and of our business relationships with our Clients and partners are our honesty and integrity.
They translate into a simple mandate: to be always open, honest and trustworthy in dealing with Cients, suppliers, shareholders and the communities we are part of.

Client Focus and Knowledge DriveClient Focus and Knowledge Drive

Because Clients are at the centre of our company and the reason for its existence, we believe that our products and services, and the decisions we take every day, should be determined and driven above all by the needs of our Clients. We care deeply about the value that our organisation derives from and delivers to Clients. We base our decisions on extremely accurate applied knowledge: information and data. For us, increasing our knowledge and disseminating it within our organisation is the best way to develop our competences, to make our business model more solid and to build, over the years, stronger and more enduring relationships with our Clients.

Passion-for-Technology Passion for Technology

Our passion for predictive and AI technologies is the driving force that is catapulting FRIGERI, despite its relatively small size and turnover, into the elite of world-class toolmaking.
The aim is to research and design innovative processes and intelligent production methods in order to produce better tools in a more advanced, more effective and more economical environment.
It is not only a question of passion, but of attention to every tiny detail of our systems. Our promise is to excel not just in our work, but in everything we do.

Reliability, Credibility, Law-abidance Reliability, Credibility, Law-abidance

We promise only what we can deliver. We accept agreements as binding. And we respect and observe the law in all our business transactions.

Dedication and Responsiveness Dedication and Responsiveness

Because we are well aware of our crucial role in our Clients’ value chains, we are continuously structuring and restructuring our organisation so as to act and react adaptively to any expected or unexpected input (requirement, need or perception) coming from our Clients. Just as a powerful and dedicated intelligent system interacts with every user input. As a part of our robustness, we strive in every interaction to maintain and improve full task conformity and a high responsiveness level, modelling and remodelling our response agents over the individual Client and the specific job.

Valuing the Individual and the Individual Differences Valuing the Individual and the Individual Differences

FRIGERI fosters an environment that maximizes the value of individual differences by embracing change, empowerment, new ideas, mutual respect and equal opportunity to succeed.
People can thus freely express themselves, leverage their talent and ideas through the company’s commitment to learning and sharing. In this way, while furthering the goals and aspiration of the organisation, our people can also realise their full personal potential.