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Frigeri wins new Washing Machine (front loading) Front Panel 5 transfer dies contract

29 MAR 2013

Washing Machine FLGuastalla, Italy, 18 March 2013. Frigeri has won a contract to supply the design and manufacturing of 5 transfer dies to produce a new Washing Machine (front loading) Front Panel model destined to the global market. The contracted lead time will fall due on September 2013.



About Frigeri

Frigeri is a specialist in the domain of metal stamping tool & dies and related technologies and services that:

  • help Clients take ideas and needs from concept to production, in order to bring quickly and cost-effectively their visions and talents to market;
  • enable companies to formulate, implement and execute global market strategies aimed at achieving greater efficiencies in tooling related production processes across the product lifecycle;
  • allows businesses to create superior, market-leading products efficiently and cost effectively.

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