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A Management Framework for Manufacturing Process: sub-frame PLAN

As Engineer-To-Order (ETO) or project-based manufacturers, producing prototypical and unique tools designed to Client specifications, we are called to face the need for managing, for each Client’s order, a wide and unique, i.e. special and not repeatable, set of requirements, constraints, parts, bills of material, routings, engineering changes and variations and so on, that require to be satisfied by a equally special, flexible, custom organization and monitoring of the manufacturing process.

We implement a company PEC (Plan, Execution, Control) management framework for the manufacturing process, that, while accomplishing its basic mission of streamlining and monitoring manufacturing processes, preventing any undesirable deviation from design requirements and constraints, at the same time emphasizes and stimulates the attitude and aptitude of the manufacturing process to contributing to the continuous debugging and improvement of the tools, combining and multiplying the power of the simulation driven design environment with the concreteness and deep competence coming from decades of manufacturing experience.
A solid and lean organizational structure supports and reinforces the framework.

Enjoy below some process snapshots captured in the manufacturing sub-frame PLAN.

> Manufacturing Planning Screenshots


> Process Planning Screenshots


> CAM Tool Paths Screenshots