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Frigeri Sales Lines: When Three Sizes Fit All

Our innovativeness and singularity are not only a matter of products or processes. Proposing each time to our Clients a selective, diversified and optimized pricing panel, dynamically reconfigured and fitted to their individual changing needs and upstream market instances, we are proud to transform and transfer our innovation&creativity, transplanting it where it counts the most, the final price, and triggering as a final result the Client’s global competitiveness.

To adapt and react to the changes and challenges of the market, we remodelled in depth our production structures and disaggregated and rearticulated our sales range in three different lines:


These 3 different sales lines don’t imply, sic et simpliciter, simple differences in the final sales price level.
On the contrary, each of them constitutes a deeply different and finely structured re-organization and adaptive re-configuration (RAM memory type) of the production resources (HD memory type), according to the variability of the market incoming requests, both in terms of compliance with Client requirements and in terms of price&leadtime.

Basically, TL, ML and EL are activated in response to high-challenging, medium-challenging and low-challenging market requests, but, to gain a maximum of flexibility and adaptiveness to market solicitations, the three lines are discretionally activated and operated, not only in different tool sets, according to each tool set’s challenging level, but also in the same tool set, independently of the tool set’s challenging level.

We verified as a fact that such a rebuilding and remodelling of our production structures, produced a remarkable reduction of our average sales price and, frankly speaking, we think that this is not only due to the considerable value of the remodelling itself, but also to the combined and added power of the cost reduction due to the improvement of the overall production process efficiency.

We are now far more lean (less fat) but with far more muscles.

After all, this is our motto: no compromises, no added costs, no frills: nothing but tool and compliance.